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Amadou Gaye

ALead by Amadou Gaye, A Royal Crime links rock, funk, fusion, with a hint of metal to create an explosive, layered, soulful, complex yet accessible experience that will bring you on a journey, and may inspire images of Jimi Hendrix.

You would be surprised when listening to Amadou’s music, that growing up there was not much rock and roll around him. Born in Dakar Senegal, Amadou Gaye was surrounded by African rhythms such as Mbalax, and Afro Cuban. However, his father loved collecting cassettes and records and is the one who introduced him to Western traditions of rock, funk, and soul.

At an early age Amadou was drawn to the guitar but there were not many guitarists or places to buy strings, so as a child his passion drove him to cut the wires from the inside of bicycle breaks to make guitar strings when his would break.

This passion and relentless dedication is a special quality that he brings to his music, especially his guitar playing. He won’t let anything hold him back and you can feel this drive in his solos- they draw you in, bring you on a journey and take you to new depths and heights.

Amadou has toured and recorded with Senegal's most famous bands including Youssou N’Dour, Babamaal, Super Diamono, and Baobab Orchestra. In 2001 Amadou moved from Senegal to NYC where he dove into the musical scene of the West Village where he immersed in rock, funk, soul, and blues. He has performed with Les Nubians, recorded with various U.S. artists. Amadou also writes, records, and performs original music.

Check Out Amadou Gaye’s Original Music At:

57 Grove Street New York, NY 10014
Tel.: 212-675-6879
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